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Milton mayor's wife and others added to database for future street names

Town welcomes name suggestions for those who've made significant contribution to community
More names have been added to the Town of Milton street sign bank.

The mayor's wife could have her own namesake street someday.

Olive Krantz was among eight additions to the Town of Milton's database of recommended names for new streets.

New names for the ever-growing bank were approved by council on Monday following staff recommendations.

The mayor -- himself already honoured with Gordon Krantz Avenue (near Elsie MacGill Secondary School) -- recused himself from voting at the meeting.

As part of the annual nomination process, staff recommended eight names out of the 16 submitted by the public between May 2023 and April 2024. This was done in consultation with emergency service partners — to ensure there’s no duplication within Halton — and the Milton Historical Society.

In addition to Olive, several local families with significant contributions to the town were recommended. Amiro, Loiselle, Bickers and Tovey will all soon be street names.

But how soon? That depends. According to the website, it typically takes three to five years for a name in the street name bank to be assigned.

Those who'd like to nominate a street name (individuals, families or businesses) can go to the town’s website and submit the form with supporting documents. 

The names have to meet the policy criteria. 

The categories are:

  • Historic contribution
  • Community relevance and contribution
  • Community, military or political service
  • Features and geography

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