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Miltonians reminded that private fireworks use is strictly prohibited

Town banned use in November, but does allow for public displays if requirements met
USED 2022-8-16goodmorningnorthbaybct  7 Fireworks over the park. North Bay. Courtesy of Arif A. Majeed.
Arif A. Majeed photo

Victoria Day plans are taking shape, and for many that means seeing the night sky lit up in spectacular fashion.

However, Miltonians are advised that setting off fireworks at their homes is no longer permissible under municipal regulations.

On Nov. 13, 2023, the Town of Milton updated its fireworks bylaw to prohibit consumer fireworks.

Here’s all you need to know heading into the holiday weekend.

Why the ban?

Consumer fireworks have the potential to cause injury, noise disturbances and property damage when set off in confined spaces like backyards. Few properties in town meet the minimum clearance requirements to safely discharge them.

Sale of fireworks

The sale and distribution of consumer fireworks is prohibited in Milton. Retailers and vendors selling them can be subject to a fine under the Provincial Offences Act.

What about fireworks for culturally-significant celebrations?

The Town does allow community groups and individuals to participate in public fireworks displays, provided bylaw requirements are met, a Display Permit is issued by Milton Fire & Rescue Services and the fireworks are discharged by a display supervisor.

Proof of comprehensive general liability insurance ($5 million) is also required.

Concerns about fireworks

You can report a concern about possible violations listed under the Fireworks By-law.

Contact Milton Fire & Rescue Services to better understand the display firework process.

Woodbine Mohawk Park will be hosting its annual fireworks display Saturday (May 18) to close out its annual Fireworks and Family Fun Night.