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Game-changing hearing aid technology has arrived in Milton

Celebrate Better Hearing Month with customized hearing tech that incorporates AI and 4D sensors

What if your hearing aids were able to recognize what you most want to listen to? What if they could focus in on that while at the same time downplaying competing noise?

The latest technology in hearing aids does just that. It’s an important development for several reasons. For one, people who have untreated hearing loss can get used to it over time. They learn to live with it, unaware that this can have a detrimental impact on their overall wellbeing. 

“Treating a hearing loss not only improves the communication of those with hearing loss, it also has a positive impact on their psychological and physical well-being,” says Katie Koebel, Audiologist and Senior Manager, Audiology, at HearingLife Canada

A new, ground-breaking product called Oticon Intent™ takes the benefits of treating hearing loss a step further, thanks to some truly innovative advancements. It features the world’s first user-intent technology in hearing aids that incorporates the use of 4D sensors.*

The revolutionary, new hearing aids available now understand what you want to listen to. They recognize when your listening intentions change—they even notice when you’re moving and adapt accordingly. The breakthrough 4D sensors include two stabilization features that handle disruptive noises so you can enjoy each moment of your day without interruption.

Research shows that our brains work best when they can hear everything around us.

“The new technology builds upon Oticon’s brain-first approach, which means it was designed to support the brain’s natural way of processing sound. Hearing conversations in noisy environments is tough for anyone, but it’s especially difficult for those with hearing loss. The technology in Oticon Intent™ tackles these difficult environments with the addition of 4D sensors, which can more accurately predict which sound source the wearer wants in the foreground and what needs to be kept in the background,” explains Koebel.

Devices like this offer truly customized hearing. With them, wearers will enjoy:

  • improved sound clarity 
  • a discreet design that blends seamlessly into your life
  • hearing aids that are comfortable to wear
  • technology that incorporates 4D sensors, and
  • resistance to water and dust.

These aids also include a long-lasting rechargeable battery that lasts up to 20 hours on a single charge. Quick to recharge, they are always ready when you need them. They are also able to connect seamlessly to your phone, TV and other devices. 

The next generation of hearing tech


The latest technology offers wearers an effortless listening experience. Designed to adapt and respond to your individual needs in real-time, it draws inspiration from advancements in AI technology. 

It is also made to fit you, wherever you go. The hearing aids are able to adjust seamlessly and turn down the volume on background noise, so you can stay focused on what matters to you most, wherever you may be. 

Previous iterations of hearing aid technology didn’t do well with disruptive sounds. Things like wind, hair and even glasses—sounds many of us don’t give much thought to—can be quite intrusive and irritating. 

Traditional hearing aids also adopt a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach by providing a fixed amount of hearing support in each environment, says Koebel. What’s different about this newer technology is the addition of 4D sensors that uses movements, the environment and the conversation around the hearing aid wearer to predict more accurately which sound source they want to attend to. It minimizes the sounds in the background without blocking them completely out. “This leads to more customized support in each situation, and is adaptive as the attention needs change, such as switching from a conversation with one person to a group,” says the audiologist.

You can control and customize your hearing aids effortlessly with the excellent Companion App. It allows you to locate them if they are ever misplaced, take calls, connect to your devices and even chat with a hearing care professional, all in one convenient spot.

How the technology works


Let’s say you’re out enjoying a meal in a busy restaurant. The sensors can pick up a variety of sounds, from the chatter of the people around you and the clinking of glasses to the sizzle of food cooking in the kitchen. Unlike other devices, however, this modern, revolutionary technology can recognize that you are focusing on the conversation with your friend across the table, so it adjusts your hearing settings accordingly, toning down the background noise and ensuring the conversation comes through clearly. 

As you go from activity to activity in different environments—whether you’re walking, sitting or exercising, indoors or out—the sensors continue to adapt, making sure that you have the best listening experience in every situation. It’s like having a smart, attentive personal assistant with you throughout your day, constantly working behind the scenes to ensure you’re able to hear exactly what you need to. 

Oticon Intent™ and other similar hearing aid technology uses its advanced sensors to analyze context and your intentions in real-time. It understands your needs and preferences, ensuring you receive customized and adaptive hearing support tailored to every moment of your day. 

“Hearing aid wearers of older technology will notice increased ability to attend to the conversation they want to hear in dynamic environments with background noise. They will also enjoy longer battery life from the rechargeable battery, more consistent connectivity with other devices such as cell phone or television, and overall better sound clarity,” says Koebel.

May is Better Hearing Month

Now is the time to invest in yourself and take care of your hearing, so you never have to miss another moment. In honour of Better Hearing Month, HearingLife Canada is excited to offer a discount of up to $2,100 on select hearing aids

You can also try Oticon Intent™ at home, thanks to a free 30-day trial offer from HearingLife.

“The response has been extremely positive from those wearing this new technology,” says Koebel. “Overall, individuals are reporting that speech is clearer, more comfortable, they are able to follow conversations in noisy environments better, and that they forget they are wearing them. It’s a more natural hearing experience than they’ve had in the past, allowing them to communicate and connect with those around them.”

HearingLife has great reach, with more than 350 clinics across Canada.

With 2 HearingLife clinics in Sault Ste. Marie , professional and personalized hearing care is available in your neighborhood. Book an appointment online or call 1-888-514-9515.