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Milton Magic soccer club creates a sense of community for everyone

Over 3,000 kids play in the Milton Youth Soccer program every year

Hockey and lacrosse are the official sports of Canada, but the “beautiful game” known as soccer is gaining traction as this country’s largest participatory sport. According to Soccer Canada, 1 million people have registered for soccer from coast to coast.

One of the most popular and illustrious soccer clubs in the area is the Milton Magic. Established in 1968, Milton Youth Soccer has been the premier soccer club for kids and youth. Whether it’s through recreational, developmental or competitive soccer, over 3,000 kids are part of Milton’s soccer program.

Milton Magic soccer is a great place for kids of all ages and skill levels to discover the game. The ages of participants range from as young as two years old up to 18 years old. The summer recreational program alone will have over 2,200 participants playing this summer.


Because Milton is such a diverse community, the Milton Magic strive to be a home for all. Soccer is a global sport, and it’s a very accessible game for people of all languages and backgrounds. The common thread is a love of the game.

One unique aspect about the Milton Magic is the Skilz Centre Program and their Super 7’s Development Program. This is a recreational program where players can develop their skills, hoping to take the next step in their soccer journey to the Milton Magic competitive program.

In this 14-week program, players can join this fun yet competitive program which will hone their soccer training, under the guidance of certified coaches. The Super 7's development program caters specifically to six- and-seven-year-old players looking to advance into the U8 competitive stream.


Once school is out, another popular soccer-centric focus for the Milton Magic is their summer camp program. There are eight separate one-week sessions that run through July and August, and a special high performance camp happening July 22 to 26.

With so many children that pass through the Milton Youth Soccer program, there are countless success stories of players who have achieved great things. 17-year-old Michela Ionadi, who is playing her 13th year of soccer with the Milton Magic, recently committed to the Ternana Calcio Women’s Professional Football Club in Italy.

In addition to the summer recreational programs and the summer camps, the Milton Magic will host a special one-week International soccer camp. Coach Alberto Bollini, the current head coach of Italy’s U20 Men’s National Team, will run this camp from July 22 to 26 at Lions Park in Milton.


One of the strong building blocks of Milton Youth Soccer is its leadership team, boasting one of the most impressive leadership teams around. Director of soccer operations David Benning has a notable resume, including experience with the Canadian National Team and a wealth of experience in the developmental program.

No matter the reason, there are so many benefits kids can experience from joining a soccer program like Milton Youth Soccer. Whether it’s building character, making new friends, learning discipline or getting regular physical activity, it’s all about creating a sense of community for everyone.

Even though it might just seem like a game on a pitch, but through fun and challenging games, these children are developing skills that will last a lifetime.

To learn more about the Milton Magic, check out Summer recreational programs are still accepting registrations, and summer camp spots are still open for one-week sessions in July and August.